Black Op - BD

Black Op is undoubtedly the best spy series in comics. Based on a double narration between 1967 and 2004, the complex but fascinating scenario of Stephen Desberg is served by the very expressive drawing by Hugues Labiano which perfectly recreates, thanks also to the colorization of Jean-Jacques Chagnaud, the atmosphere of the 60s and 2000. Political and espionage thriller, Black op is a complete series planned in 6 volumes, the last of which is scheduled for 2010.

The enemies of my enemies are my friends.

The story. 1945 in the United States, Floyd Whitman is just a small child from a modest family and his father has just been killed by the Soviets. One day, he knows it, he will enter the CIA and will be able to avenge his father for the "Red peril".

1967 Floyd was recruited as an agent by the CIA, along with his childhood friend Ray. Their mission is simple, to enter into an alliance with the Russian mafia in order to better fight communism from within.

2004 Floyd Whitman investigates electoral fraud in Florida during the US presidential elections in 2003. One of his former Russian mafia friends, Nechkov, appears to be involved. However, Floyd's reappearance is not to please his former CIA friends, who have a vested interest in not being exposed to the CIA's dealings with the Russian Mafia.

Our opinion : Black Op is hands down the best comic book spy series. A political and espionage thriller, Black Op is a comprehensive 6-volume series, the last of which is scheduled for 2010.

Note the superb graphics of the covers of the first 5 volumes.

Dargaud Edition

Screenplay: Stephen Desberg

Drawings: Hugues Labiano

Color: Jean-Jacques Chagnaud

Volume 1 (2005)

Volume 2 (2006)

Volume 3 (2007)

Volume 4 (2008)

Volume 5 (2009)

Volume 6 (forthcoming)

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