The collections

14-18, Les Chemins de l'Enfer - BD

Pierre, Arsène, Jules, Maurice, Louis, Denis and Armand, find this small band of provincials, a true representative sample of this France of 1914 immersed in the first months of the First World War. With the month of September comes the time of the great French counter-offensive: the battle of the Marne! A gripping comic strip at the heart of the Great War.

Paths to Hell

A few months ago, we presented the first volume of this new saga which will have eight. After the month of August and the mobilization comes the month of September and the retreat of the French army jostled by the Germans ... A retreat that ends on the Marne, point from which the French go on the offensive and shatter the Schlieffen plan!

In this counter-attack we find our small group of villagers so heterogeneous, but so bound by friendship. Armand, with his aristocratic airs, rose to prominence within the group, but was going to be deeply shocked by the violence he was called upon to exercise. In addition to the meaning of the violence exercised and suffered, this comic book returns to several major themes of the historiography of the First World War, in particular the hope of the "good wound" (that which allows one to return home), the case of voluntary mutilations and the link with the Petite Patrie that is to say the family, the home. The link with this Petite Patrie is all the more marked as the scenario constantly shifts back and forth between the men at the front and the women left behind and whose daily worries we continue to follow. More generally, this volume begins to address the crucial question of soldiers' motivations, between patriotism, conformity, group cohesion and constraint.

Graphically, even if the weapons are not too detailed, this comic strip is realistic and faithful to the time represented.

Finally, the scenario is sufficiently well shot for the reader to follow the events on several scales: he lives daily with the heroes of the series while being informed of the overall strategic framework of the war: a entertaining comic and a good way to discover the Great War.

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